My guitar rig really hasn't changed that much from when I used to do a lot of session work.  Studio work and frequent club and theater gigs with a wide range of bands dictated the set up I used originally.  The rig needed to be quick to set up and break down.  I also needed a wide array of tones.  At some festival gigs, I had to use the backline amps which could be anything from a Fender Deluxe to a Mesa Mark IV so I had to have a rig that wasn't amp specific.

I used to do all of my own setups but Jason from Too Many Guitars set up my guitars for the last album.  He also restored the mid 1960s Audition in the picture below that my grandfather Johnny Cooper left when he passed. 


I have acquired some new pieces of gear that I really can't say enough good things about! For a lot of the commercial work, I have been using the new Roland GR-55 Guitar synthesizer with the GK3 MIDI pickup installed in my main Fender American Delux Fat Strat. This allows me to control any of my keyboards and software based synthesizers though the built in sounds are truly amazing. I also picked up a a pretty cool SONNUS G2M pitch to MIDI converter. This little box converts any monophonic audio sound source to a MIDI signal. I was able to use it primary for an orchestral piece that allowed me to use my guitar for a pretty complicated series of Violin arpeggios.

Here is a pic of my main rig set up for recording "The Revolution of Real":





Fender American Deluxe Fat Strat(w/2 vintage noiseless pickups and one DH-1) ----->Jim Dunlop Crybaby--->Jim Dunlop Univibe--->Boss DS-1--->Ibanez Power Lead PL5---->Ibanez Digital Modulation Delay DL5---->Boss RC20XL Loop Station.  I also use an MXR Distortion + and a Zoom 505 from time to time while recording.  The pedal board is the SKB PS-15.

From there the signal goes into a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL-100 Head w/Marshall JCM 900 1960B Cabinet (Stock) for distortion tones or a Fender '93 Super with 4x10" speakers (EV Vintage Blue) for clean tones.

I primarily used a Shure SM57 to mic the cabinets about an inch off the cone's center and anywhere from one to 6 inches away from the cabinet depending on the volume.  Of course I have been known to play VERY LOUDLY.   Sometimes (most of the time) I bypass all of it and just run the Strat or an Ibanez RT 450 (w/ DiMarzio Super Distortion (I am pretty sure)) straight into the Marshall or Johnson J-Station. I also recently acquired a Sonuus G2M MIDI Converter that I use to trigger my Yamaha S03 Keyboard and various software synthesizers.   I use Whirlwind and GeorgeL cables. 

I still haven't found the tone I am looking for so it is a constant struggle and  I am a firm believer that tone is in your fingers!  I think the best tone I ever had was from my first amp which was a  PEAVEY Special 130 especially after I replaced the stock speaker with a Celestion G12M-70.


My main two acoustic guitars are a Fender Jumbo (flamed maple back and sides) with a Seymor Duncan SA-1 pickup or a VERY old Ovation Celebrity (in the back).

Here are some of my other guitars:

From Right to Left:  Peavey Patriot Bass, Ibanez RT-450, Yamaha SE-312M, Mid 1960s Audition






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