I have been holed up at the house dealing with a recent injury.  This has put a damper on things but I have been able to write/demo a lot of new material for a couple of upcoming projects.  More info is on the way!  



I have a new track out on the Grateful Mind International Benefit compilation album for a new project called the Rand Experiment.  It features my long time friend Michael Briggs on bass and was recorded partially at his studio in Youngsville, NC and The Lab in Atlanta, GA.  It was mixed by Grammy award winning producer/engineer Don McCollister.  It was for a great cause and you can get more information here:    


I produced a record for a local singer/songwriter Steve Joz.  The album is available via the usual suspects iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc and is called "Exaggerations".  You can find more info here:



It has been a while since I updated the site mostly due to a few personal setbacks. Well in short I was in a pretty bad car accident and am still recovering. To further complicate things, the idiot typing this post also burned his fret hand not from playing too many notes but not properly handling a hot skillet but that is another story! Anyway, as I last posted, I am back to composing instrumental guitar music and really excited about it.
I have been really inspired by Jeff Loomis' recent recordings which is basically a modern take on classic shred and whew, I am not mad at him. It is very inspiring to see someone out there pushing the boundaries of rock/metal guitar. I hope that what I am doing will inspire someone in a similar way.
I tend to get annoyed by folks that elevate classical music or any other form of music above others. Though I won't be breaking out a nylon string for anything, a few of the new tracks definitely have more of a neo-classical vibe.





It has been a good and productive month. I just received the final draft of the CAMC Hospital commercial that I composed the music for last week. It should be running in various TV markets now.

The ParkElevator Music will be re-issuing my mom Mable Rand's out of print "Praised The Lord" EP with new artwork. The CD should be available by the fall of this year

I have been woodshedding on material for my first mostly instrumental record. I am very excited about it and will be working with some of my favorite musicians. More info to come...

As always, thanks for visitng!



____________________________________________________________________________________ 07/12/12


I have definitely been busy the past couple of weeks. I am working on music for a Public Service Announcement for Michele Obama's wellness program and campaign. The first draft of music was kind of out there. hehe The director changed up the video so the next go around should be a little more tame.

I am also planning to possibly remix but have definite plans to help re-issue some Gospel tracks that my mom recorded a while ago that has been out of print for a while now.

I am also planning to start publishing some on-line guitar lessons. I am planning to issue the lessons through this site, The Parkelevator site and Youtube. So please check back soon for that.






After all this time, I FINALLY got my domain name back. The short version of the story is that I signed a distribution deal with a Japanese based record label to re-release some of my music in that market. Unfortunately, "someone" over there acquired and held on to it for a number of years. I was able to legally get my domain name back earlier this year so this is my first post since then.

Thanks to my friend Brooke Fauver and Pocket Change, LLC, I have been very busy working on music for a myriad of clients. I am having a great time and thankful for the experience. I am amused by the fact that I have a lot more creative control writing commercial music than I ever did dealing with record labels!

Please check out for the current production reel, client list and more information.

I am very anxious to release some new recordings soon. I finished an acoustic album a few years ago but never released the album. I am planning on re-working a few things and should have it out later this year.

I am also planning to release a couple of singles via this site. The new songs are more in the blues realm than anything else.




It is official! The Children's Restoration Network pulled off the Longest Concert By Multiple Artists in history! I was honored to be a part of the show and really enjoyed performing. Here is the official story on the Guinness Book Of World Records Site:





I have started playing a few shows locally in the Georgia area mostly to try out some of the new material.  I am doing pre-production on a new BlackPerl album and recently completed some work for Joyce Kennedy from Mother's Finest for her upcoming solo album. 

The new press kit is also available on the home page.