Welcome to The ParkElevator Music

Don't forget to check us out daily for news and updates.  This has been a very eventful year for us with several new projects in the works.



Music Production

The ParkElevator Music represents a collective of music professionals based out of Atlanta, Los Angeles and Charlotte. We offer production services ranging from retail Music CD production to commercial audio for film and television.

Feel free to contact us in regards to your production needs.



Record Label

We have recently expanded into a full service record label. We primarily specialize in rock, jazz, soul, metal and other forms of popular music. Our goal is to continue to provide quality music for fans of great music.


CD & DVD Services

CD Duplication

  • Short Run CD duplication with print on label in slim CD jewel case.(Maxell, Memorex, Verbatim or TDK media):
    50 CDs =$50
    100 CDs =$100
    100+ CDs =Contact us for quote


DVD Duplication

  • Short Run DVD duplication with print on label in slim CD jewel case.(Verbatim media):
    50 DVDs =$200
    100 DVDs =$400
    100+ DVDs =Contact us for quote


Technical Services

Audio Restoration and Format Conversion


Restore and convert vinyl records, DAT or analog casette tape to CD, .mp3, real audio, .wav, .mp4 and .aiff

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Video Conversion and Editing


We can convert DVi, DV, Mini-DV, Blu-Ray, DVD, DivX, AVI, MPEG(1 or 2), mp4 and WMV to most digital video formats used for broadcast, web, etc. We can also provide video editing and 5.1 surround sound mixing.
Please contact us about your project.

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Digital Audio Editing and CD Mastering


You already mixed the CD ,let us put the finishing touches on your project. We'll sequence and give your CD the extra step that gives it a truly professional touch that is radio ready.

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